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Another versatile meat with bags of flavour. Most of our lamb comes from Lincolnshire but we do also get some from other trusted Cambridgeshire farms.

A couple of times a year we are extremely fortunate to get local lamb from Mr Barker senior's small holding in Barrington.

You have to be quick mind, as Barrington lamb doesn’t stay in the shop for long!

The breed is called Texel. It has good pronounced muscle and not too much fat with a fabulous flavour.


Perfect for Sunday dinner, especially delicious served with a rich red wine gravy




Traditional Lamb Cuts

  • Roasting leg -  Perfect for Sunday dinner, especially delicious served with a rich red wine gravy
  • Rack of lamb -  One of the most expensive cuts of lamb it’s a bit of a showstopper for a dinner party
  • Lamb Shoulder -  Slow roasted for a good few hours this is extremely tender and tasty
  • Lamb chops (from the loin) -  Quick to cook these will make the perfect mid-week supper
  • Rump (chump) steaks -  A great alternative to beef steak, these have a lovely layer of fat which crisps up when cooked producing a really special flavour

Trendy Lamb Cuts

  • Scragg end  - This doesn’t sound very appetizing but it’s a fabulous stewing meat as it has the bone in so produces an extremely flavoursome stock
  • Breast of lamb - A great value cut, often forgotten and is deliciously tender when slow cooked
  • Lamb shanks -  Braising these beauties will make them juicy, tender and full of flavour

Lamb Loves Garlic and Rosemary

Make a paste by mixing these two ingredients with a small amount of olive oil, then rub onto your lamb before cooking...




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