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Locally sourced, mainly from Harlton Farms, just round the corner, we use a variety of British breeds. These include; Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Belted Galloway, Lincoln Red and the local Red Poll.

All our beef is free-range, under 30 months old and reared to a high welfare standard. We believe strongly that all the animals we get will have been treated with respect, care and lived as natural a life as possible.

All beef carcasses are aged for a minimum of 21 days, (and sometimes longer if requested) to improve the flavour and tenderness of the meat.
Beef cuts.


We take pride in butchering our meat in our open plan shop for all to see.
If there’s a particular cut you require and we don’t have it on display, then just ask.


Traditional Cuts

For basic, no-fuss cooking, keep it simple with the following..

  • Steaks - rump, fillet, sirloin, T-bone and rib-eye
  • Roasting joints - rolled sirloin, fore-rib, short-rib, topside, silverside & brisket
  • For casseroles and stews - chuck steak, skirt, shin, ox tail and would you believe beef cheeks seem to be quite popular at the moment!
  • Mince - we sell 2 kinds, regular (ideal for lasagne and & for those watching their waist, extra lean!

Trendy Cuts

For something a bit different, these steaks are appearing on restaurant menus everywhere…

  • Onglet (also known as hanger steak)
  • Tomohawk steak (a large rib-eye with the bone in, plenty for 2)
  • Porterhouse (a large steak with both Sirloin and fillet on the bone, again plenty enough for 2)
  • Featherblade (also known as flat-iron) comes from the shoulder




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