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Our chickens are all free-range, well-fare and farm-assured and come to us from a farm in Suffolk. We believe happy chickens produce happy, juicy, flavoursome meat so you can buy from us with confidence.

As well as whole roasting chickens here are examples of other cuts we sell:

  • Chicken Breast. With the skin on or off, all meat and can be used for a multitude of recipe's. For example chicken salad, baked honey mustard chicken, chicken pasta or chicken kebabs.
  • Chick Drumsticks. Easy to hold and great fingerfood for the kids! Marinade them in a BBQ sauce and grill or oven cook them.
  • Chicken Thighs. Work well in casseroles or curry's, full of flavour. Casseroles are great for time saving. A slow cooker and prepare the night before and when you get home the following day you have a fully cooked flavoursome meal.
  • Turkey. Be it for a special occasion such as Christmas or Easter or just an evening meal of turkey escolopes turkey is a healthy low calorie meat and makes a change from chicken.


Did you know, poultry accounts for nearly half of all meat consumed in the UK ?




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